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Doctor Emma

"Watching your daughter fight cancer with a smile is a reminder just how much stronger we are, than we know." - Elise Turner


Emma is Anne Turner's granddaughter, who was diagnosed with a rare germ cell cancer at a very young age. While going through treatments and battling for her life, she still manages to see the best in every day. 

On TikTok, she is known as @doctoremma to 825.0k people. Her TikTok includes videos of her going through treatments, and her stays in the hospitals. But it also shows a joyful little girl that enjoys life to the best of her ability. She is quite honestly, fighting for her life every day, and she still manages to put a smile on over 9.6 million people’s faces. 

She wears the most adorable pair of scrubs, and dreams of when she will be cancer free, and all her future plans. Her goal is to become a doctor when she gets older and be able to visit all the beaches and parks that she wants. 

To date, she has stage 4 cancer and is in Seattle undergoing high doses of chemotherapy and stem cells. They are hoping for good results so that she can be approved for her next surgery. With the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place, it makes things very difficult for family to be able to visit her. She is accompanied by her wonderful, caring, and strong mother who has been by her side every step of the way. Also due to Covid-19 Emma has had to take several Covid-19 tests while in the hospital. 

Emma having stage 4 cancer has absolutely affected, Anne Turner, the entire family and even ATL's staff. We here at ATL are family and treat each other as such. We want to not only spread awareness about childhood cancer, but also thank all the patient's that have continued to stay with us through the Covid-19 Pandemic, as well Emma's cancer diagnosis. 

We believe that we can all take a page out of Emma's book, and wake up each day with a smile on our face, ready to tackle the world. Even with every hurdle that life throws at you.